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Automate your school enrolments

Administrative staff at schools can now fast-track the enrolment process via new automation solutions

Student registrations and enrolments are a time-consuming process with many repetitive tasks to undertake. Usually this is a manual process with student and parent information supplied, in both physical (paper-based) and digital (email or eform) formats, to administration staff who then have to re-enter the data into their School Management System.

This is where Ricoh's technology can be of benefit. The Ricoh Education Digital Worker (R.E.D) is able to connect to your School Management System and seamlessly create a student record.

Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), student enrolment can be completed almost instantly, drastically reducing task management and freeing up time for administrative staff to focus on more valuable tasks. Think of it as a 'digital worker', working at non-stop higher speed, without errors, mimicking the same mouse clicks and keystrokes performed by your Enrolments Coordinator.

R.E.D is all about giving time back to school administration staff and becoming more operationally efficient.

Utilising the powerful automation tools in the Nintex solutions suite, together with the expertise of Ricoh Professional Services, our latest education offering makes student registrations and enrolments simpler, faster and more seamless for both office administration and the wider education community.

How does it work?

R.E.D works as a 'digital worker', using intuitive drag-and-drop design tools which help make it easy to visualise and automate these processes. The automation process can be triggered by receipt of a new student enrolment form, which then follows a series of steps and rules to capture the data and perform high-volume, repeatable tasks that would previously require a person to undertake. This can be scheduled to run and update overnight, or as and when the information is received, thus replacing time consuming, manual re-keying of information and reducing data input errors.

How is it implemented?

R.E.D is designed to be implemented with a number of School Management System platforms. R.E.D has been created with a focus on agility and ease of use, that allows us to quickly deploy the solution within your school. By utilising the low code platform, we are able to build and configure a solution to automate manual and repetitive tasks around student enrolment, in days not months, integrating into your School Management System to create a new student record.

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