A Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard in use.

Interactive Displays & Signage

Interactive Displays

These intuitive White Boards give you the ability to use a display as a touchscreen device for everything from whiteboarding to collaboration. An interactive whiteboard allows multiple people to engage in a collaborative experience using a touchscreen to take notes, annotate content, and more.

Whether your teams are working remotely, or your students are away from the classroom, our great range of Interactive Whiteboards are the tools you need to bring everyone together again.

Integrate multiple mobile devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones, connect directly or wirelessly, easily annotate content that will be mirrored on all connected devices.

Add more layers of collaboration by drawing or presenting on the device and see it mirrored on the display in real time.

Share content directly from devices easily so your meetings run smoothly and without interruption, then just simply send the annotated content back to your teams making life easy again.

Digital signage

Inform, inspire, sell, help and interact. Increase your revenue potential immediately by making smarter use of your kiosks, screens and displays. Use your smart phone to control content for your customers, visitors or your teams throughout the day.
One of our digital signage solutions in use.

Put your message up in lights

Digital signage enables you to be in-front of your audience at the right time and place. Get closer to your customers than ever before with durable and high-performance panels.

Your message, your way

Screens can be located anywhere in the world and you control them with a few clicks. This simplicity allows more people to communicate smartly. Control marketing collateral with digital signage is a breeze. A few simple clicks and you up in lights—Any time. Anywhere.

  • Schedule content to your screens with flexible layouts
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Web-based interface with App for smartphones
  • Create simple touch solutions
  • Calendar-based scheduling
  • Automated workflows
  • Extensive file format support

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