Document workflow solutions and digitisation

Digital Transformation
& Automation

At Tasprint we understand an investment in new technology and equipment can be considerable. That’s where we make it simple. Our consultative approach combined with our complete suite of financing options, gives you piece of mind knowing that your investment is secure and designed to deliver outcomes that excel.

Digitise and Automate your back-office processes

Tasprint provides intelligent solutions with smarter capture, storage, management, automation and optimisation of your business content.

These solutions will help you streamline and automate many processes such as:

  • Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) automation
  • Digitisation of manual forms and workflows
  • Document and record-keeping management
  • Onboarding employees and visitors
  • Time-sheet management
  • Order intake, processing & dispatch
  • Compliance and governance
  • Quality control and claims management
  • Automated Warranty Processes
  • Staff assessments
  • Mobile access to information.

The workflow solutions help manage the growing volume of data and integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP to provide better access and control of your documents and content, improving collaboration and compliance. You will see a reduction in costly overheads, and a new standard of procedures to drive customer and employee satisfaction.

Data Capture

Transform unstructured data into searchable, useful information.

Our advanced solution captures unstructured data and classifies, indexes, tags and extracts the data that can be used to kick off a workflow or automated process.

Intelligent Capture saves hours on manual reporting processes and unlocks data insights to feed business intelligence. Your data becomes easier to search, edit and share— and your business meets governance, regulatory and digitisation standards.

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