Refurbished printer

Refurbished Equipment

Budget tight? Thinking about the environment? At Tasprint, we offer a refurbished printer solution on most products. Your environmental impact is reduced – along with your outlay.

They are products that have been returned to our warehouse for many reasons and then put through a rigorous refurbishment process which also provides a positive contribution to our environment.

Refurbished printers originate from a variety of sources, including:

  • Demonstration – Printers have been used for demonstration purposes.
  • Upgrades - Printers that are returned from a customer through new machine upgrades.
  • Finance – Printers that have been returned through reduced need.
  • Manufacturer – Cosmetic damage and are discounted from the manufacturer.

What is the refurbishment process?

Each machine is fully tested, any defective parts are identified and replaced. Machines are then fully cleaned, re-tested and re-packed ready for sale.

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